She (part -2)


She hurried  her cooking and cleaning up

It was time,

time to get her kids ready for school.

As she managed to dress them up and get their lunch boxes ready, it was almost eight in the morning.

Honk, honk… there was a loud honking outside near the gate. Kids hurried and grabbed their school bags and ran to the gate, waving her a goodbye. She just looked at them, gave a smile and hurried back to her chores.

It was time, she packed her lunch – off she set out to the parking, carefully placed her items on the scooter and started.

As she was riding, her thoughts were scattered on many things- whether I switched off the gas,? Did I lock the door well? Hope my kids are riding safely to school. etc..  Then she smiled at a thought that she was excited about.

Finally, as she reached the office ,  quite a busy day awaited her.

Even she was busy, her thoughts wandered around her kids too.

it was almost 3:30 PM, time to move out, she went ahead and asked permission to her boss.

She was all excited to go home, on the way, she purchased few veggies to cook dinner. She hurried home, cleaned up and got all things ready for kids.

As kids came home, the had their snacks and off they went to play outside. She prepared dinner.

As she was hastily doing her jobs she glanced at the clock most of the time.

She sat overlooking the road, patiently….


Until you….am empty

You seal me

I would blabber

Until your lips seal mine

I would be a nomad

Until you entangle me in your arms

I will be covered

Until you undress me

I will be untouched

Until you touch me

I will be unarmed

Until you take me in your arms

I would be a soul searcher

Until our souls unite

Take me as yours

Mesmerize me with your touch and feel

Let me come alive

With a drop of you in me.

Sprinting my hidden desires

Deeper than you think

You have conquered my heart,

Eventually, you are the one I want

The way your fingers slide its way down

While your lips bit mine

You break me in your charms

Suffocating my soul

In your arms

Waiting to be ravaged by you

You double my cravings

Sprinting my desires

Like the bubbles in the soda

I pop as I reach your lips

Becoming a vapour

In your warmth

Rolling on your skin

Like the sweat

Feeling every inch of you.

You are my fashion

My innermost craving is just you

As you enclose me in your arms

Even nakedness seems to be safer there

As you cover my uncovered body

I do not feel the shyness

Letting you be the adorable gown

I love to flaunt

You are my dress

That would never unfit me


Goes away as old fashion

You are my jewellery

That completes me

Forever and ever more.

I am like sweat…when…we are…

My lips parted

To give your lips entry

As you evade your tongue

Exploring mine…

I let it play around

Tickling mine

The saliva intoxicating me

I just felt like dissolving in it

Absorbed into you

To be your sweat.

Dripping on your forehead

I wished to be the fluid in you

I wish to ooze out of you

Like an ice cream melting away

Overflowing on your body

Bejewelling you…