She …(part -1)

A cold morning, she was snuggled under the blanket. It was almost five in the morning. Time to wake up, A whole day awaiting her. She was still struggling to wake up from her dreamland. All she wanted was to sleep.

As the alarm started to ring, she battled with her mind, one side who doesn’t want to wake up, the other who has responsibilities awaiting her.

Finally in the usual way, accomplishing waking her up, her brain spreads a smile. She wakes up, praying and checking on her alarm clock. Her lovely kids beside her – as she looks at them – her face explodes a smile while her brain lets her think – ” oh !! god, what is today’s menu ?”

Again with lots of pain and discomfort, she leaves her comfy bed, sliding a pillow on to the side, so that her daughter doesn’t fall off. As she walks out of her room, her thoughts keep wandering, blabbering to her mind -” Remember the times you were scared of darkness, you were always afraid to go into a dark room, now look at you, you are awake when the whole world is silent.”

At the thought of it, she smiles, feeling proud.

She brushes and gets ready herself for a walk .Β Something she loves to enjoy…..she puts on her favourite song to play, plugs in her headphones and then puts on her shoes… and as she is all set walks to the door, locking it and confirming again pushing it once with her soft palms.

She walks into the darkness, soft breeze welcoming her to the early hours of the day.

It was the time,Β of her own…

the time she talks to the wind

the time she talks to her heart

she walks along the path as if she was flying

waving her hands

as she walks

which slowly brushes her hips

it was the time she is awakened completely.

By the time she ends her walk, she has a solid blueprint of her plan for the day.

She is all set for the day…..

(to be contd….)



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