Why ?

Image result for why you came into my life

I may love you

I may not

I may rule you

I may not

It is just me on both sides

You choose to sustain with me

You chose to run away from me

Either way, I hold you dear 

close to my heart, enclosed in the deep dungeons of my heart

you bestow the poem called love in me

together we wrote music notes

 lived the lyrics of it in every second of love

walked away when the dusk showed on us 

We together weaved memories interlinking our hearts to it

every inch of the thread poked my heart  as you walked away

hurting the inner walls of  my heart

I wished to ask …







  1. I want to cry aloud like thunderstorms shaking the world. That’s the devil in me. But my presence of mind calm me and allowing me to enjoy and love. Thats the angel in me. In these battles mostly the angel win. Tell me why?

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