Explore the hidden me

Slide your fingers over my skin

Explore me

The underneath , where there are treasures

Treasures hidden from the world

Mixture of pain and passion

Where the devil in me is caged

Awaken the beast in me

Let me run wild

Wild enough to break the barriers

Awaken the real me

Who is madly in love

Rest in my arms

Where you will find solace

Taste a dollop of me

You will be enigmated with flavours of passion.

Wish I could erase memories

I do not want to rewind

I wish to forget

Wished I had amnesia

The power to rewrite

Rewrite the past

Past where I committed my sins

Sins where I lied and broke hearts

Mending was never a part of me

Being devil faltered my thoughts

Thoughts that ruined all

Wish I could escape from the poisonous sting

The invisible pain that is victimising me

Wish I could erase all

Relive again

To be purely me.