Seek me, as a desire

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Desire me 

as one desire death for pain

as one desire companion for loneliness

as one desire a child to be a mother

as one desire oxygen to breathe

as one desire touch on the numbness

living for you

tattoed you on my skin forever

an eternity is still short

with you, every journey is never ending

I open my shut doors

to let you burrow into me 

reviving a smile for which I am the reason.


Unfinished desire

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As you glide down my chin

 as we explore us 

every inch excites with the touch

an insatiable hunger 

as you press yourself on to me

I break my chains

setting myself to be just me

with you, like a flower

waiting to be sucked honey out of it

you reconnoitre me like its the first time

loving you is like satisfying my unfinished desire.




Embarked on you

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An unexpected curl

the curl that twisted my soul

the kiss that embarked me on you

the effect you had on me was unexpected

like the pitter-patter of the drizzle

your voice was the soothing one

erupting my emotions

you invaded my soul

bringing peace to the chaos and confusions

you brought me to life

as I walked away into death

upholding my dreams

inspiring me to love and live.