You are in me

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A simple desire awakened me

a desire to be around you

the thought burned my soul

shattering me into thousands of pieces

your unspoken words

your hidden desires

fiddling with my thoughts as I approached you

all I desired was to be read by you

locked in my eyes

you read every word propelling my mind

you float in my mind like the garden hovered by the clouds.



It is just you I ever need

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Your thoughts clouding my mind

evading away my negative thoughts

your words conquered my heart

brightening a smile that was hidden

you give my day the tinge of joy

the joy of being with you is immense

your love is what I want to adorn all my life

with your thoughts all over my mind

there is nothing else worth thinking

being with you is my delight.


Just a beat away….

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You are my home

the favourite spot I always want to return to

leaving my hair open

lying on your chest listening to your heart

just a beat away

as your fingers brush through my hair

we painted a future that is dear to us

your aroma embellished my skin

garnishing me with the pinch of love

you served on my lips.