Braided as one in your arms

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I don’t want words 

words that are just letter woven together

I see your love in every gesture of yours

the love that sews my lips with yours

your love that makes me yearn the most

missing you becomes close to impossible

all I dream is the endless cuddles I cherish

the dreams that break away as I open my eyes

the missing that stops when your lips touch mine

and commence as your lips part mine

you take my breath away 

locking my soul with yours 

until again they are braided.




Love nest

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Slippery arms

drenched with your sweat

your aroma excites me as always

lips never parted

coddled in your lips

I lost the grip on my soul

letting you slip into me 

I erupted like a volcano in your love

smile bursting out into the deep kisses

rolling on the bed, like kids playing around

wrapped in your strong arms, that held me closely

securing me in that love nest of yours 

I just wanted to be wired to you.

Spooning into your arms , as I sleep

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In the wake of the night

I found you back in my arms

rolling into the bed alongside me

spooning me into your arms

cuddling in your warmth

your heat was warming my skin

igniting my thoughts

your  bristly chest softening my thirst

your fingers found its way into the cloaked skin

tickling me from in and out

awakening me from my sleepy posture

brightening my night into a love night.