Together we weaved a world of our own

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broken desires

broken dreams

broken words

unable to be me

destructing myself inwardly

I shut myself from the world I desired

I shun away from peace

left all the leaves unturned and unnurtured

walked away like never to be returned

as you pulled me back

as you were equally broken like me

our eyes met and led us to a hope

a hope which we lived 

a life that began from an unbroken promise

to be with each other forever

tackling difficulties unshattered and unshaken

living a reality yet in an unreal world

a world that we weaved together.

Glued together to be with you

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Breathe me in like oxygen

taste me like honey

I might be bitter at times

I might be the sweetest too

in every way, I may taste different

Hold me as I wither around

behold me as I lose my senses

I was broken as a mirror

shattered away into pieces

u glued me together undoing my scars

beautifying me with the glitters of your love

you strengthen me as I stumble upon

consume me as a whole

let me mingle in your soul

never to be parted ever.



I don’t want to be just a chapter…

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I don’t want to be a chapter in your life

not just a word that describes you

but the whole world to you as you are to me

I want to tag along with you in every footstep you take

walking along with you to bring life to our dream

the desire to live the true life

a life worth living

dreams with you never ending

a life as a dream

where, as I open my eyes I see you

like in my dreams with my closed eyes

I read the same desire through your eyes

in every blink of my eye, I cuddled you in my arms

even if it meant a day, I wish I ever lived it with you

before my breath is taken away from my body.




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You are the love 

you are the blessing in my life

a gift of GOD that we abandoned

a symbol of love that protruded 

an emerging soul that never lived

you will live in my soul forever

you will see the world through my eyes forever

you occupied a space in me, that can never be emptied again

you take the breath through me

you live through me

forgive me for abandoning you from the world

I may be cruel. but never tend to hurt you ever

you whisper in my ears forever 

like a rumble in my heart 

a ripple in my soul

that let my tears roll out.



Dedicated to all unborn child in the world.