Life – a state of confusion


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I wandered away in my path

the path of life 

that I wished I could design

yet nothing went on as I ever wanted

life was spontaneous with me

as I was with my dreams

every moment gave me the tortures of pain and joy

a combination that was inseparable

redefining my life with confusions

confusions that gave me joy 

a joy to fulfil my desires

the unsung desires of a deep heart

a heart, hidden from the whole world


Like the sky and clouds

Your voice echoes in me

As my ears eagerly wait for it

Your whisper goes deep into my heart

Rhythm of your voice ringing in me

Every breath you breathe out soothes my skin

Be my sky where I become the cloud floating over you

Like the waves playing in thousand,

let us waver like a soothing wave in the ocean of love

Suck my honey out like the bees from the flowers

I am yours like the notes to music

Keep playing me until the sound of music fills in



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Crazier as the wind

stronger as the gravity

like honey glazing down my throat

rain droplets kissing me

your love evaporates my pain

you precipitate my naughtiness

letting me play with you like magnets

we attract and repel each other 

even when away, our gravity pulls us together

I want to just curl up under the blanket with you 

feel the world in you 

and let you explore me as a whole

nurturing me up with a new hope.




My drug

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Smiles that bud on my lips

the eyes sparkling with your presence

every glimpse of you brightens my eyes

every moment I breathe for your smile

every breath I take echoes your name

nothing more or less can satisfy me

than being with you in your arms

every night is craving to be in your arms

you are like a drug, I want to get high on

you are my ecstasy, I want ever more.







Memories of pain

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Why is it so incisive?

hurting me too much

the agony seems to be non-perishable

without even dripping a drop of blood

the pain that is prevailing is unsurpassable

the memories that were overwritten with time

seemed to decay slowly

becoming a poison 

eating me away inch by inch

All I just do, let it feed me in like a tumour

silently awaiting the final day.