Closing my eyes

all I see is your eyes

deeply dissolving in me

all I could feel is your hands feeling my skin

like the sun rays roving  up warming up space

your finger move around me advancing closer to me

all I could feel again is your breath on my face

I shut my eyes and eagerly wait for your kiss

there is an air of inclination around us

our spirits in coition

blending well and awakening every inch of us

it felt like magnets dancing in the flux

melding me in you 

as we enter the wedlock.





Impulse to live

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I do not know

what I do

it is just the thoughts that take me away

all I am doing is drifting along 

along with the thoughts

flowing like a river

smiling occasionally

being someone unknown

it is unintentional

its the mind that is creating an impulse

strolling like as if am amidst my garden

hovering every flower and grass on my way

I am loving this heedful flow of my life

it is like as if am a leaf lost in the flow of the river current

winging it like my life 

a journey in my mind. 


Relieved as I will be when you back in my arms

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Eyes overlooking the road

at times glancing through the watch

time ticking like my heartbeat

every microsecond drags

switching my view from the watch to the gate

gate to the watch

ears catching every sound at the distance

time limit crossing my waiting limit

thousands of questions blabbering in my head

mind chattering goes on and on

until I sight the smile on my child’s face

mind relieved of thousands of unwanted thoughts 

as I hug her and uplift her to my arms

the longing from the morning is at the closure

there is no joy that is beyond you in coming back to my arms.





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Versatile and adaptable

Broken yet smiling

emotional but strong

naughty but charming

living impossible without

kissable and playful

brings a smile to anyone’s face

light to the darkness

thunder to the rain

anger just like the thrashing rain

vaporizes the minute touched

soft like a dewdrop 

living in the moment 

It is ‘She’



Good Friends -hard to find and maintain

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Don’t just fade away

you held my hand to friendship

we walked together on a journey

yet our friendship never lived

never sustained

you never take me for granted

your protectiveness always charmed me

wakes me up from all my dilemmas

let me feel the joy of life

you laughed when I laughed

parting our ways to new horizons

yet life brought us back together

to a new beginning 

a beginning which I never want to let go.