It is not just passion, but the way you..

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It is not just the thirst 

you quench in me

it is the joy you bring to me 

with your presence

the cravings I desire to be with you

to share every moment with you

laughing and cherishing my life moments

It is not just the way you hold me close to your chest

but the way you hold me close to you when you are living

I want to open up to you 

like you consume me wholly

as if am the one you always wanted

take me in like you just breathe in

I want to be all you ever wanted to live happily.

As I close my eyes

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Thrust your fingers on me

curl me up in your arms

the thought itself brings me jitters

all I yearn is to be in your arms

wrapped up in you like there is no other day

as I shut my eyes, I feel you are just a breath away from me

I could feel your lips brushing mine

As I open my eyes, I could feel

your pull 

pull that is driving me crazy

I just want you all over me

crawling into me 

without losing the eye contact

exciting my unbound desires.




Life is like a see-saw

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I take time 

Like a see-saw

going up and down timely

stumbling and falling 

yet I have the passion to keep up with my dreams

when am down, my dreams weigh upon the other side

to help me like a friend, lifting me slowly up

I want the contentment in life

fulfilling all my desires

to be what I want to be 

from the one who I am  now

It is my deepest yearning to live

that lets me push myself up high

to reach out to the skies

soar up high like an eagle.



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Like the candlelight for the breeze
the sand for the waves
the eyes looking for the light
the feel that makes you crawl out of your dungeons
like hide and seek with your inner self
an intense emotion that tricks you at times
a thirst you want to quench
the air you want to breathe in
the music that tempts you to tap your feet
the words you want to silence
the feeling that you want to bring out
is that what I dream about
it is the yearning from my soul
a burning sensation to be longed for
a sneaking inclination to be what I ever want to
A desire – I could live for
unhiding my deplorable soul
abandoning my fake self
to run towards my wanting
A desire I want to earn before death embraces me.