Love eruption

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Every day I wake up to you

Every day I need you beside me

As I much on our favorite ish together

I love the way you feed me with your warm hands

I love to cook for you as much I love being eaten by you

the way you hug me tightly after work

like we have never met for years

I love the unrest you show to stroking me

sharing my strongest desire with you

feeling myself erupted in your arms

is something I would never stop doing

AS much as I love waking up to you

I love to close my eyes and open my eyes

looking at you.



If you walk away I will be ruptured

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Like the unsaid words

unspoken desires

we remained silent forever

burning inclination remained hush

driving me crazier 

the moments our souls brushed each other

as if you set fire to my whole self

I just wanted to burst into flames with you

as I could see the tenderness I yearned for 

the love I desired forever

as you held my hand 

all I could see is the way you gonna love me

All I knew is that you taking away your hands 

from me will rupture me.

Chase me

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Warm me up

cuddle with me

cozying me up for the winter

winter is tinkling my toe

tickling me all over 

feeling colder as I move away from you

clinch me as the breeze plays hide and seek with me

I love sheltering under your arms

pressed under your strong arms

feeling your breath on my neck

thirsty lips waiting to be pecked

my eyes locked on yours

as I enjoy the restless look in you

waiting to hunt me down.



Like a dandelion

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It feels great

mirrors smiling back at me

it feels like music ringing in my ears

all I want is to dance around 

feel the wind caress my skin 

as if it is holding my waist 

dancing in the cloud

all I want is to be lost in the music

disseminate like the dandelion

hold me like dandelion

and let me be blown away

carrying your wish as my wings

fulfilling your desires

I may be a weed to some

to some am their dreams 

take me or leave me

yet I would grow to fulfill the silent desires.