Invisible scars

A scar invicible

Smile that brightens me

All i want is to live the moments

The ones i am with you

Where my soul feel happiness

Where i am never judged

Life seems miserable to me

When am granted only a spilt seconds of happiness

All i ever wanted to was to be with you

To live like i breath

Smiling with a heavy heart seems impossible

Doing that for years makes me a pro

Sacrifice becomes habitual

Cutting my vein away 

Dripping every drop of my blood 

As To live a life with you never happened

Hence living becomes inevitable

And i just live

Shutting my dreams to be with you

In the dungeons of my dreams.


Eyes seems to be dried
Patience seemed hurting

Silently weeping heart

Unspoken desires

Unread and shattered dreams

Life seemed to be a ride

Where i have lost all my dreams

Living has become mechanical

Where i just become a machine to be used

Emotionally drained

The only emotion that lets me feel alive

Becomes motherhood

Which makes my sacrifices bloom

Imagining a life without you 

Makes me equivalent to death

Being alone shatters me

But my sins will banish me forever

From the life i yearned for more

Making me a loner .

I give up myself for those tiny hands that i care the most

As i lay with tears rolling away from my eyes

Death seems uninviting to me

It is like joy turned away from me

All i wanted was to weep

To strengthen my soul

To take up yet another sacrifice

A sacrifice to hold on to those tiny hands

Life seemed to be invariable

Full of compromises i have to make

Failure seemed inevitable

Breaking away all promises i made to myself

Breaking my life that i ever wanted to live

To those tiny hands that i care the most.