Wake up time

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Alarm ringing (5:00 AM)


Alarm Ringing(5:30 AM)

Pause again

Alarm Rings ( 6:00 AM)

It is time to wake up, Yes I have to wake – I kept saying this every morning, yet waking up was far beyond my expectations. Early mornings is the time my bed falls in love with me, Seems it doesn’t wanna leave me at all. And am quite loyal to a limit, I stick around.

Finally, it’s the marathon time, and  I get up and start running. Can’t see my kids go starving, so my day starts with the war in the kitchen.

Time is ticking and I have to hurry

cooking, getting her lunch boxes ready…and trying to satisfy her hairstyle- a tough day to handle..

wish I could have multi hands to finish all my task.

at times my dosa pan unfriends me, making it tough for my dosa to run away with a quick visit, by making it sticky and brittle. ( reminds me that it is time to grab a new pan)

at times my cooker seemed to pressurized a lot that it doesn’t want me to open it up, finally, I have to start fiddling with my knife on it.

Start of the day itself seems to drag, wish I could just go back get a nap, and someone serves me a great tea and breakfast( which is never happening) .

Finally, the things are ready then history repeats with my lil one who is still asleep.

I try to show up my tantrums which she seems to ignore, looks like she is used to my old school tantrums. She seemed unaffected.

Finally after the world war A,B,C,D,E….etc.

it is time for me to relax on my couch and be a couch potato till afternoon. But then my sleep unfriends me – laying awake all day gazing at nothing interesting is not easy though. Again I start to miss my kids.

The moment they are at home, I start my cat fight with them.

Hunger is the only reason that will push me out of that.

Good day to all MUMs , who can relate to this.




Her fingers ….

Image result for she stroke his chest

Stroking her fingers on his bare chest

figuring out her position in his heart

looking deep into his eyes

listening to his breath

she could feel his intense emotions

emotions that she was igniting with her touch

her every touch burned his shackles

letting him breath out perfectly

untieing all the bonds and breaking it

as he slowly bends down to her ears

to whisper to her that how much he treasured her

he held her close to him

rubbing each other deeply

to bring on the fire.

Break the lonliness

She seemed lost

She was not the same soul

smile vanished from her lips

there was no joy in her eyes

the glittering bit of happiness was gone

her reddened eyes filled with tears 

which were redy to flow out

her non-stop chattering mouth

was zipped with silence 

he walked along with her

just to listen to her voice

just to listen to her laughter

yet , all he could feel was the silence

silence that was burning in her

she walked along the streets 

not knowing where she was heading to

as he held her hand and pulled her to reality

as she broke her silence into tears 

telling so much more than she could ever say.

Celebrating togetherness

Relations unpredictable

didn’t know where it began

it is true that you became my mirror

reflecting my thoughts to the world

sharing my emotions and passion

paving my way to a new world

We celebrate today the day of togetherness

With you, I became a new person

Happy Anniversary MY WORDPRESS !!!


When you are unaware the days just fly by and such pop-ups appear showing us that we have spent all these years of togetherness, joy knows no bound. I do not know when this thought came up to write something on my own. As far as I remember, I have only written answers on my exams and now I am writing a lot, improvising myself day-by-day.  I just feel lucky to be united by my passion. 

Thank you for being so supportive.