Swan in the puddle

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Thousands of questions

bubbling in her mind

unable to ask

unable to swallow

the taste seemed bitter

the unanswered questions

popped now and then

leaving her in dismay

All she wanted was the answer

old age creeping in her

she knew that there won’t be a looking back

gone are the days

which she cannot bring back

She remained silent..with a smile

Awaiting the clutch of oblivion 

when she will arise like the swan in the puddle.



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The drops 

seemed sharply placing itself on my skin

as it rolls down, inflaming every inch of me

you were missed 

drop by drop

the dew capturing me through its lens

mirroring me s pieces in each drop

reflecting my thoughts and the fire in me

shhhhhh.. listening to the drops

trickling down my nose

pecking on my lips

forming puddles and drowning me in it

the drops melted as it touched down

It was me firing up

gearing up and welcoming you

to be loved and be loved.



Easy to communicate

it was effortless and simple

to let you know whatever I wanted

It was simple

to know what you wanted

as you left by my side

I was alienated

the language seems unknown to me

the words seemed unfamiliar

I knew living without you was impossible

It worsened in an unimagined way

considerably letting me take your path

the world without you is unlivable

It was like I was breathless

Following you was plain sailing

than living vaguely.


Chance to destroy me

Open the door

I shall let you in 

I have given you love

the power to destroy me

You can hurt me easily

you can finish me quickly

I bestow you the power to do so

In the love, I am loading you with

Trusting your eyes

I let you overflow on me

letting you mess with me 

bringing down the paradise for me

as I take away all your pain

and give you the pleasure of life




Lose me or gain me

I do not know whether I have lost myself

in gaining someone else

Is it me or just someone 

living inside me

Do I feel low?

Do I regret?

I do not know 

until the wind thrashed on my face

Am I lost or finding my way right?

I do not know until I see the light

I just walk 

 towards  the direction

that tempt me to walk

Am not lost in space

Am just lost in my life

trying my best to figure out 

the best I can do with my life.