The world remained unmoved

Passionately strong

lustful eyes

impeccable lips

fresh like a morning dew

every move like an elegant beauty

a beauty that was not physical

the beauty of the heart

like an angel

 bestowed the feel of love

imparting a piece of desire

the undropped tear in the eyes

an unspoken desire 

sorrows buried deep down

adorning the smile that cast a spell on

a sorcerer enchanting the world

enticing a world that unmoved even in her pain.




  1. Yesterday I was in a very bad mood.. Really destructive…. The world seems behind money… And am… Love… I gave all my earnings to satisfy them… Still complaining… Insulting… I wished for a second to finish…


  2. The very other moment chose to live…. I shrink to myself… Not listening to the world… Wish to sleep… Body less…. Soul… I find solace in the almighty… He wiped my tears… Slept in his arms… Maybe am poor now… But today powerful as always… Chanting prayers will do good… But was not in that mood… Still survived…. Today morning I opened my door and wished the sun as always… He smile at me… Am ambitious…. No people… Only me God… And the nature…. Now I can face any challenges…. 😁😁😁😁

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