Love you !! December

December is my favorite month of the year.. as it is the ending of an year. I always look forward to the same. I wonder why do I always love the end.

Is it just the waterfall, that I am in love with?

Is it the warmth that I long for?

Is it the nuzzle of cold air brushing my nose?

Is it the snow that I look forward?

Is it the Christmas decked up streets that I love?

Yes, even the snowfall theme in my WordPress makes me excited. Today as I browsed through my page, I was excited to see the little snowflakes that were beautifying my wallpaper.

I love the inclemency of the winter, that pains my fingers and toe , forcing me to slid my fingers in the gloves and wear loads of jackets. To enjoy the warmth amidst the chilled climate. I love the snow flying past me and when it touch my face like drizzle.

Winter when it arrives with it foggy arms clouding the entire arrea, as if mother earth is enveloping the world around us in its arms. The beauty of everything gets covered behind the fog . We struggle our way through everything in front of us to reach anywhere we wish to.

Winter brings a slightly different taste to the warm cup of tea we have every day. We enjoy the wavering of the fumes from the glass of fresh tea prepared in the morning .The fumes that play with the foggy atmosphere making ripples in it.

Taking a sip of it in the fresh morning will leave you all warm and cozy.

Awaiting you to be the best month for me…Oh, December!!


  1. Warm welcome December…. What a beautiful words…. I was abroad for a while to enjoy these words…. We cant see such a December here… Thank u for fetch me…. But I like January the most… To begin…. We have new yr celebration… I participate in At least 3 events to entertain my association members…. This yr our practice session begins… But I can’t joint due to mybusy life… A change… Be an audience… 😁😁😁😁😁

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    • I too love beginnings..but ending too are great…december lets you look back…abd analyze..while January gives you a chance to go forward


  2. I know… Still I generalized…. Before u I try to be a writer…. To entertain u… To kill ur boredom…. Sometimes pricking… Sometimes annoying…. Sometimes listening…. I love the role of a joker….

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