Every bite ..took him home


Looking out onto the street

munching on the Italian box menu

he was like a machine

working as if the switch was on

he looked at the kids play in the park

letting him recollect his childhood days

from the distance where he could smell 

there was an aroma of spices that could take him to the past

as he slowly turned around to see

to catch his eyes was the box of food

the food that reminds him his home

he went ahead with his box of dish

trying to savor his lunch

 the aroma from behind was driving him crazy

taking another bite, he was presented with a homely lunch box

as he looked up, the stranger offered him a bite

unhesitantly he took the bite with a smile

bringing tears to his eyes

as each bite of the spiced up bite 

took him back to his home

the home where his mom cooked the best.





    • Normalities and abnormalities are the mix of me… we all should be abnormal at times.. to enjoy the bliss of life…


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