Love you !! December

December is my favorite month of the year.. as it is the ending of an year. I always look forward to the same. I wonder why do I always love the end.

Is it just the waterfall, that I am in love with?

Is it the warmth that I long for?

Is it the nuzzle of cold air brushing my nose?

Is it the snow that I look forward?

Is it the Christmas decked up streets that I love?

Yes, even the snowfall theme in my WordPress makes me excited. Today as I browsed through my page, I was excited to see the little snowflakes that were beautifying my wallpaper.

I love the inclemency of the winter, that pains my fingers and toe , forcing me to slid my fingers in the gloves and wear loads of jackets. To enjoy the warmth amidst the chilled climate. I love the snow flying past me and when it touch my face like drizzle.

Winter when it arrives with it foggy arms clouding the entire arrea, as if mother earth is enveloping the world around us in its arms. The beauty of everything gets covered behind the fog . We struggle our way through everything in front of us to reach anywhere we wish to.

Winter brings a slightly different taste to the warm cup of tea we have every day. We enjoy the wavering of the fumes from the glass of fresh tea prepared in the morning .The fumes that play with the foggy atmosphere making ripples in it.

Taking a sip of it in the fresh morning will leave you all warm and cozy.

Awaiting you to be the best month for me…Oh, December!!

Take me away


Take me away from here

Shelter me in your arms

forget the wise words

let me yours forever

life without you is unimaginable

life without you is like being dead

forgive me if I had hurt you ever

Chaos and confusions are compelling us 

to walk away from each other

As I realize none can love me as you do

embrace me to your future

let us build a life that is imperishable. 


Resigning from my life I chose

It was hard for me to walk away

walk away from my own destiny

which was my choice 

as I took my few steps to a choice 

I had to live with 

your gravity pulled me back

All I could do was run back to you

hug you as my tears cheat me 

we knew we were betraying ourselves

sacrificing our future for the well being 

I wished to freeze the moment to remain there with you

unable to do so

I walked away with my tears struggling in my eyes.

Every bite ..took him home


Looking out onto the street

munching on the Italian box menu

he was like a machine

working as if the switch was on

he looked at the kids play in the park

letting him recollect his childhood days

from the distance where he could smell 

there was an aroma of spices that could take him to the past

as he slowly turned around to see

to catch his eyes was the box of food

the food that reminds him his home

he went ahead with his box of dish

trying to savor his lunch

 the aroma from behind was driving him crazy

taking another bite, he was presented with a homely lunch box

as he looked up, the stranger offered him a bite

unhesitantly he took the bite with a smile

bringing tears to his eyes

as each bite of the spiced up bite 

took him back to his home

the home where his mom cooked the best.





She lay there snuggled in her blanket

the breeze slowly playing with the window curtains

reaching her face, bussing her as she is asleep

the coldest wind is caressing her toe

tickling her to awake her from her sweet sleep

As the breeze caress her, she smiles like a child

As she was chilling in the gust, he sat close to her 

giving her the warmth of his hand 

the touch of coziness 

battling with the iciness he slid in with her 

under the blanket to cuddle and sleep

As she widened her smile feeling his presence beside her.