boundless love

Your gravity is undeniable

All I want is to be around you

like the moon around the earth

revolving around you

holding your hands

tangling myself in your arms

feeling the warmth of being with you

the boundless love you show me

I feel it in every move you make on me

And every kiss you bestow on me.


Fool me never

You have to choose

A way to my heart

A one-way that has no way out

Do not try to play with me

As you know, you can hurt me easily

You might win, by losing me

And I shall lose my world that I build for you

I might lose hope

I might lose everything

But I know, there is nothing you will gain

It is  easy to fool a person who gave you all

Your victory will never be a victory forever.



A hands-on story… read the series to understand the story better. Keep an eye on the upcoming series on

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As Shikha spoke …

Meghana seemed to be lost in her own world, she was hardly listening to Shikha’s voice. Shikha’s voice echoed somewhere deep down her own thoughts. She took a sip of the coffee, pretending to listen to her. Meghana tried to push a smile on her face, yet something was pricking her mind.

As Shikha suddenly rose up from her seat, ” Am sorry, I guess it is not the right time, I shall talk to you sometime later.” She smiled and walked into the corner to welcome another guest. Meghana felt, she was rude to her, but she ignored as she was struggling with her own battle of thoughts.

Again Meghana was lost in her own hurdles of pain.

She rose and walked out of the Coffee shop. Stepping out she stood as if she was lost

Unable to choose which road to take, she stood there overlooking…

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