Capture me in your lens

Every picture you take

says a lot about you 

Every face you capture 

tells me thousands of hidden lives

Every moment you shoot 

included emotions untold

every way you pen thoughts on your pictures

it tells me how much you love doing it

let me be the picture 

you want to capture

Let me be the eyes

you want to read untold stories

let me the face

you want to encapsulate in the frame

let me be the quest

you want to endure.


Day dreamer …

A daydreamer … that is me.

I a forever lost in my dreams, making the unreal world 

nurture the real me

I do not know what reality meant

I knew which reality hurts

I build my own world

where the words comforted me

when In my real world

when the words hurt me

I played hide and seek 

to escape from the prick of reality

as reality breaks open to me

the doors of my imaginative world shut away

leaving me abreast to an abyss. 



As I caressed my belly …feeling the life inside me

As I looked at myself in the mirror

I felt I was changed

A change, that just brought a smile on my face

I slowly moved my fingers

over the 

belly overgrowing my dress

I caressed with so much love and affection

on my belly like I have never felt it before

the pulse of a life in it brought tickles into my inner soul

the life in me was just a skin distance away from my fingers

the surprise and anticipation that grew in my mind 

was something I could never understand

the wait was too long, yet I loved you ever since you appeared inside me

I waited patiently like never before

just to feel you in my arms

every day, I was fascinated to see your growth

I felt your arms, legs everything grow

I felt your movement with my palms

I could see your action, through the bulge in my tummy

I endeared every move you made inside me 

crunching my organs, yet bringing a smile on me

the wait …was longer, yet I knew I will wait for your arrival.





A Lousy Sunday

being beside you

doing  nothing, just feeling you

close to my breath

as if I breathe in your fragrance

filling in every inch of me 

beside you I can stay forever

falling into your eyes 

cuddled in your arms

obliterating the ticking of the clocks

slipping into the world, with just me and you

where time is just favoring us

I just want the time beside you

as you maul with my fingers 

while I am lost in rub my face on your unshaven cheeks

I don’t want the day to end

As I wish to be lost forever in that solicitude.






Love, Wedding, Marriage, Couple, Happiness, Commitment

Long drives

with you is like dreams

the dreams I want to live to the fullest

As I sit beside you, I want you to hold me

with a smile that stimulates me 

the electric current that flows with your thoughts 

I feel it as I am with you

The static charges that we propagate 

frictions our souls and body

emitting the strongest desire in us

as you hold me in your arms

the attraction is impeccable

we play like magnets 

rippling waves in our souls

the clinch that evokes the amourousness 

the pleasure that the words cannot express

that arouses the explosion of womanhood in me.