Slow dance

Music in my ears

I held my hands on his shoulders

As he held his on my waist

As the music began

we began to swirl playing music in the air

eye to eye we shared the love within us

He swept me off the floor and we moved hand in hand

as the tune rocks, we swim across the room

smooth along like two satin cloths

as he took me in his arms 

I slowly rubbed my nose on his nose

looking deep into his eyes

dancing across the room in his arms 

swirling in and out of his hands

like the moon around the earth

I looked at him, I knew how much we loved each other

All I wanted was to be able to be in his arms forever

As I smiled, he tightened his grip on me

tightening his hands on my waist 

bringing me close to him 

so that I could feel his heart beat through his shirt.












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