You hold me, so that I do not fall off half way…

You carved me, making me who I am now

with you, I feel being loved and blessed

With you, I transform into someone

more powerful, more loving 

Everything has changed around me 

but I felt I have become more like I ever wanted to be

You convince me, on everything with a smile and a hug

You are the blessing in my life

The moment you arrived in my life, 

Life gave me plenty of reasons to smile

Even when am in distress, your mere presence

lets me shed my pain that I carry in my heart

You transformed me to be your MOM

From a girl to a mom, it was a journey of a lifetime

I enjoy every moment of my life I share with you

We shared the ups and downs of my moods and health

But you held me close with those tender fingers

Holding me tightly close to you, so that I don’t fall off half the way.




5 thoughts on “You hold me, so that I do not fall off half way…

  1. Exceptional poem for a child who might not even understand a bit of it… But the moment she reads it when she will have enough knowledge to understand it she will be in tears and will hug you tight. I am already imagining it Sreepriya.

    God bless you all.

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