Game of life

You were my companion

Companion not until the end

But till the destiny that you walked me into

You knew me in and out

Knew my vulnerabilities and my strength

You pursued me to walk into my new life

A life which was full of uncertainties

I knew you would leave my hands as I step into the one

Yet you promised to never leave my side

You knew to read my eyes

You knew me to the core

Even my lies were never hidden to you

You read my voice modulations

feeling the pulse in me

Yet you chose to hand me to over to another phase of life

A life full of compromises and uncertainties

Yet I lived, in the hope of conquering my dreams once I abandoned once

As life is teaching me how to live.

As I accepted the wilderness of the life,

I learned to play the game of life

unfolding every twist and turn in it and embracing it





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