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She was an empty soul

She was offered only what she never wanted

She was defeated in all her ventures

She wanted freedom

she was never denied, yet none ever gave her

She cried hiding from the world

even the dearly accursed her 

she wept with a smile decorated on her lips

Dear ones condemned her for falling in love

Everyone snatched away her dreams

blinded her vision

All wanted her to be what they wanted her

She lived a life, that they wanted,

Not what she wished for

Her happiness was sacrificed for others

was she living? or

was she dead?

She was misled as she let them to.



18 thoughts on “Emptiness….Sacrifice

  1. I think she is right… Everyone loved her… If everyone is selfish to fulfill their wish what will be the world…. There should someone who bothers others feelings… Sacrifice for the wellbeing of othets…. We can achieve happiness without hurting many…. My happiness lies in that… Let she be the big tree with full of fruits to feed the hungry…. Let the birds find a shelter in her…. When they are able to fly…. Go…. Comeback if tired…. She is there with a smile hiding the pain of plucking the tigs.,fruits,leaves….enjoying… Witnessing…

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  2. Yes the world is advanced to cherish…. Thats why so many old age homes…. So many balamandir…. There should atleast one… To care…. Let all her ventures be success to make others happy…..

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