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She was an empty soul

She was offered only what she never wanted

She was defeated in all her ventures

She wanted freedom

she was never denied, yet none ever gave her

She cried hiding from the world

even the dearly accursed her 

she wept with a smile decorated on her lips

Dear ones condemned her for falling in love

Everyone snatched away her dreams

blinded her vision

All wanted her to be what they wanted her

She lived a life, that they wanted,

Not what she wished for

Her happiness was sacrificed for others

was she living? or

was she dead?

She was misled as she let them to.



Game of life

You were my companion

Companion not until the end

But till the destiny that you walked me into

You knew me in and out

Knew my vulnerabilities and my strength

You pursued me to walk into my new life

A life which was full of uncertainties

I knew you would leave my hands as I step into the one

Yet you promised to never leave my side

You knew to read my eyes

You knew me to the core

Even my lies were never hidden to you

You read my voice modulations

feeling the pulse in me

Yet you chose to hand me to over to another phase of life

A life full of compromises and uncertainties

Yet I lived, in the hope of conquering my dreams once I abandoned once

As life is teaching me how to live.

As I accepted the wilderness of the life,

I learned to play the game of life

unfolding every twist and turn in it and embracing it





Falling into my dreams

As I close my eyes

I fall into the grass bed 

where every droplet covers me with its love

Barefoot I love to walk on those nature path

where I can feel the prick of each grass underneath my feet

soft cool breeze playing and tangling my hair making locks

butterflies playing hide and seek with me

showing off their marvelous colors to make me jealous

the tranquility of the trees whispering and playing with the breeeze

I just wish to unfold my hands

take as much as I can grab in my arms before I open my eyes to reality

I smile as I embrace the beauty that is overflowing surrounding me

Slowly falling into the deep slumber, that lets me live in it.





A choice forever

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You became mine, whom I cherished forever

As you walked away leaving me behind

your thoughts kept glimpsing around me

every now and then, letting me suffer pain

A pain I chose to endure

Days of suffering was never ending

Yet, I smiled, a Smile to overcome the pain

I never could get you back, I never wanted to

As you walked further into another world without me

Scars became blurred, yet you remained in me

I stumbled on our memories in my path

I learned to shut my eyes, to discover the joy in life

I knew I could live and make someone happy

I discovered what was my path, and took my path to life

A life, where I chose to keep myself happy.

A choice forever.


You hold me, so that I do not fall off half way…

You carved me, making me who I am now

with you, I feel being loved and blessed

With you, I transform into someone

more powerful, more loving 

Everything has changed around me 

but I felt I have become more like I ever wanted to be

You convince me, on everything with a smile and a hug

You are the blessing in my life

The moment you arrived in my life, 

Life gave me plenty of reasons to smile

Even when am in distress, your mere presence

lets me shed my pain that I carry in my heart

You transformed me to be your MOM

From a girl to a mom, it was a journey of a lifetime

I enjoy every moment of my life I share with you

We shared the ups and downs of my moods and health

But you held me close with those tender fingers

Holding me tightly close to you, so that I don’t fall off half the way.