Under the bluish blanket

Boxed in thoughts

Random rumblings of my mind

unable to escape from the sweetest sound

that soothes my heart

I sat upright in front of the giant tree

looking all the way up to the sky through the shady leaves

while my eyes played hide and seek with the sun

I try to be lost in my wandering thoughts

wandering into my imaginary world

the world where my dreams are not just dreams

Baking under the sun, I felt the shower of warmth

the beauty that is welcoming my sleepless thoughts

I let myself break free from my thoughts

watching the blue sky be the canvas for cloud painting

white clouds passed the bluish sky making the fantastic shapes 

that I lay watching until the cold breeze swept me into a nap.




2 thoughts on “Under the bluish blanket

  1. I used to imagine and even talk to the clouds that painted the blue sky in my early childhood…. I don’t know where I am hiding these hobbies…. Very nice priya….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hobbies vanish away….as we grow up…bring out the child in you..and you will feel all the tiniest happiness in life.


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