You are my destiny , I can walk blindfolded to..

You bring me alive

Your thoughts let me forget the world

All I want is the completeness being with you

Even if you hurt me, I know you will come back to me

Even if you want to be away from me, I know you stay the closest

Even if we fight, a kiss solves our fights

I know my life is incomplete without you

unimaginable and vulnerable as I will be

without you I am lifeless

hold me close to you

never leave my hand

as I may be lost in the chaos

let me shut my eyes

and rest myself on your chest

I desperately wait for you

Like the thirsty land for the water.






Burn and enkindle

As I watch you 

walking towards me

I take a deep breath of you

the air filled with you

fills in me like the aroma of  your perfume

you enter me and stir up all my emotions

awakening the wilderness in me

instead of breathing out

I feel like am flaming myself up

with the friction of our souls

that light me up like a blazing fire

I want to burn in you to ashes that enkindle with your soul.


Aroma of Ecstasy

Her eyes were lifeless

emotionless smile

She seemed to be lost

lost in the violence of nature

to wade off her boredom she battled

battled with all her emotions

her life was full of happiness

but there was an essence missing in her life

she searched everywhere

to capture at least a pinch of it

to fill her life with its aroma

an aroma of ecstasy.



A smiling warrior

She was an epitome of happiness

She smiled at every difficulty

she was a chatterbox when she was upset

She  smiled even in pain

she hid her pain even in vain

She was betrayed 

She was fooled

She was crushed 

She was thrown away

yet she walked on

without revealing her pain

she was a warrior

a warrior who fought with all her heart

she prayed silently, hiding away all the pain

underneath her skin, she hid her scars

a smiling warrior.