The moment

Immersed in thoughts

Lost in her imaginations

Little did she notice 

that it had started to rain

She watched the rain go down

all the way on window panes

She wrote their names on it as the moisture

became the board for her

their names on the mist covered glasses

looked elegant

She just noticed through those letters

there he was walking into the home

She switched from her thoughts

and jumped from the bed towards the door

she could not suppress her joys

She jumped on to him 

as soon as she was near him

pecking her lips tightly over his lips

he hugged her tightly expressing his feelings 

As she held him close to her heart

whispering in his ears

the news she ever wanted to convey him

His joy was uncontrollable 

the joy of being a father 

His smiling face drenched with tears

tears looked like pearls as he closed his 

kissing her on her forehead

caressing his hands over her belly

where their life was treasured. 




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