The day she stopped weaving

As a string of pearls 

she was weaving her life 

on a single string

she preserved each pearl she collected

making a beautiful chain of life

which she adorned a lot

Some pearls faded 

Some pearls shined 

Some pearls outshined

Yet all were in the same string 

She carefully handled them 

scared of dropping one of them

or breaking the chain

Finally in the end

She had stunning piece of pendant

to deck up the pearl necklace

the pendant was blood red in color

the pendant joined with the string of white pearls

the day she stopped interlacing.




13 thoughts on “The day she stopped weaving

  1. Yes… String my life…. Each pearl is the living beings… Love make the faded one too shiny…. And in the end… I need that blood red pendant…. After making that beautiful chain…. Really very beautiful…. Thnx….

    Liked by 1 person

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