The day she stopped weaving

As a string of pearls 

she was weaving her life 

on a single string

she preserved each pearl she collected

making a beautiful chain of life

which she adorned a lot

Some pearls faded 

Some pearls shined 

Some pearls outshined

Yet all were in the same string 

She carefully handled them 

scared of dropping one of them

or breaking the chain

Finally in the end

She had stunning piece of pendant

to deck up the pearl necklace

the pendant was blood red in color

the pendant joined with the string of white pearls

the day she stopped interlacing.




Looking at her brightest star

The night was cold

The starry sky behold her

She sat near her window

gazing the stars which looked impeccable

she knew she was awake in his dreams

As she could hear him whisper in her ears

“I am holding you close to myself 

where your breath is falling on my neck

Let me take you to a world, so pleasing”

He felt she was the masterpiece to be held high

her exquisiteness was something he was lost in

maddened by her incense and desire that was burning in her eyes

she knew, he was in love with her madly

She smiled as she lay on her bed

with a smile that lightened up with his thoughts

watching the night sky

wishing for their love to flourish.



The moment

Immersed in thoughts

Lost in her imaginations

Little did she notice 

that it had started to rain

She watched the rain go down

all the way on window panes

She wrote their names on it as the moisture

became the board for her

their names on the mist covered glasses

looked elegant

She just noticed through those letters

there he was walking into the home

She switched from her thoughts

and jumped from the bed towards the door

she could not suppress her joys

She jumped on to him 

as soon as she was near him

pecking her lips tightly over his lips

he hugged her tightly expressing his feelings 

As she held him close to her heart

whispering in his ears

the news she ever wanted to convey him

His joy was uncontrollable 

the joy of being a father 

His smiling face drenched with tears

tears looked like pearls as he closed his 

kissing her on her forehead

caressing his hands over her belly

where their life was treasured. 




As we sat looking at the rain pouring

My heart beats like the drums playing

the beats of my favorite music 

my hands fiddling around

a smile that is flashing around

each and every time, his face appeared in front of my eyes

as we sat together in the balcony

with slight showers drenching us

I extended him a hot cup of coffee

Smilingly he took the cup from me

Sipping from the cup without breaking our connection

exciting me with his smiling eyes

As I stood watching him 

Listening to the rain

I knew I could live with him for years to come

All I wished every moment of my life in his arms.