Be Volatile and live

Why it hurts?

Why it hurts when am alone?

Why it is so agonizing, to bear the truth?

Is it me alone, who is suffering

Time is slipping away from my hands

I wish to embrace you and forget the world around me

Fate separated or paths

yet the distress we mete out, remains the same

for a moment I wish the world around me is skipped

And I be yours forever, even it meant it was a moment of life

Hold me for a second, place a deep kiss that leaves our souls floating 

leaving the human part of ourself volatile.



2 thoughts on “Be Volatile and live

  1. To keep human part volatile only good partner is enough. I love my partner as no one could do. Whatever I wanted to give my love, express before my partner… To my surprise after yrs acting am in a state of distinguishing who is my love… Who partner…. They become one….. Nice isn’t it…. Practice….


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