Fall in her arms and blaze

Embrace me 

Let me take you to a world of mine

loosening myself in your arms

pecked by your lips to mine

feeling the world spin around me 

as you take me in your arms

swinging in the air

with nature witnessing and whispering to the wind

let her be in his arms without barriers

let her feel the skin glance through the warmth of his

let their world unite

like the breeze sipping the dew from the grass

butterflies nudging away the honey from the flowers

he fondled her lips squeezing her in his arms 

as if he would sweep her off the ground 

letting her blaze him in her heat.




Be Volatile and live

Why it hurts?

Why it hurts when am alone?

Why it is so agonizing, to bear the truth?

Is it me alone, who is suffering

Time is slipping away from my hands

I wish to embrace you and forget the world around me

Fate separated or paths

yet the distress we mete out, remains the same

for a moment I wish the world around me is skipped

And I be yours forever, even it meant it was a moment of life

Hold me for a second, place a deep kiss that leaves our souls floating 

leaving the human part of ourself volatile.




Another post for Candles.


Distance improves love


Feel my touch

As I nudge you with my heart

I can feel you all over me

even As I close my eyes

our dreams follow the same path

even if we walk in two parallel life

I will uphold your dreams

and hold you close to my heart

I will find you in the crowdiest place a day

to embrace you and forget the pain we burdened on ourselves.