Knock Knock !! Awake

Knock on my door

awakening from my slumber

walking me through the dreams I ever cherished

As I took my steps further

You stayed back

leaving me astray on the path unknown to me

I walked away into the world that was unfamiliar

I turned back several times just a foot back

awaiting for the touch or a call from the past

I was like the bird flown away from the cage

unable to decide which direction to fly 

yet I flew with the wind, like a fallen leaf

stumbling on many obstacles, yet with determination

I was stamped, crushed, pained 

yet I decided to fly again even with my bruised wings

broken heart, aching self-respect, burned fingers

Yet I walked to the far off distance which I knew contained my destiny

I knew it is never near 

Still, I walk on the same path shown to me.


7 thoughts on “Knock Knock !! Awake

  1. Right now I feel the same. I am not forced into though yet life brings different shades whether we like them or not… We forced ourselves into it wounded yet trusting in HIM that He can carry us through.

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