Being Deluded

His eyes were glittering

freshness was the power to him

he was “life,” I swallowed

he was the one I rendered to my mind

I chose to walk behind following his footsteps

As I walked, I stumbled and fell many times

breaking myself and crossing my limits

knowing it was never my destiny

I walked ….walked further.. into the darkest streets

To my surprise the lights turned away, abandoning my path

I was astounded by the truth that I witnessed

Unable to hold, unable to accept ..I was devastated

I felt it was the edge of my road 

Either choose to jump or run away

Running away was far beyond, being me 

I chose to stay, stay in that darkness until the lights turned on

You came along, with a light lamp

took me along with you from the deep slumber 

giving me the new hope

I know you are invisibly around me 

upholding my power to live. 







10 thoughts on “Being Deluded

        1. Yes I do remember , I will surely post. I cannot write planned, I write as and when I like .Hence please bear with me patiently.


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