Under the stars in your arms


Furnish my dreams 

with yours

Walk away holding my hands to our home

take me away from the chaos

I wish to be secluded in the nest of ours

the nest we built together 

where the breeze caressed the souls

where the buzzing of bees was music to ears

where the trees veiled the parching sun

quenched our thirst with the morning dews

where the nightingale sang to the delight

cuckoos played hide and seek

fireflies lit up the night sky 

As we lay hand in hand looking up into the sky

where we built the empire of our own 

with Orion, pegasus watching us from above

we kiss away the hurdles in life

smiling like never before.



Moon over you

Lost in the eyes

lost in the arms

unable to gasping my breath

tangled in the skin

engulfing my mind with passion

wrapped in the satin skin 

with the feel of life inside 

cherishing the taste that addicts me

showing him what is love 

as  he showered all his love on me

I smiled at the delight of being in his arms

hiding away my fears to plunge into him. 


Distance never matter in love

Minutes never end

Glances never stop

Your feel never fade away

Your fragrance remains in me

Even when you are away

As I close my eyes, I can feel your breath on my skin

the skin touch that I long for

the presence of your soul I long for

we are one, always and forever

even if we parted our ways 

even when the world disguised us

to never let us unite

we could never be hidden from each other

as you are the pulse of my life

and you are just heartbeat away from me

as with my eyes closed, I can cover miles parting us.


Being Deluded

His eyes were glittering

freshness was the power to him

he was “life,” I swallowed

he was the one I rendered to my mind

I chose to walk behind following his footsteps

As I walked, I stumbled and fell many times

breaking myself and crossing my limits

knowing it was never my destiny

I walked ….walked further.. into the darkest streets

To my surprise the lights turned away, abandoning my path

I was astounded by the truth that I witnessed

Unable to hold, unable to accept ..I was devastated

I felt it was the edge of my road 

Either choose to jump or run away

Running away was far beyond, being me 

I chose to stay, stay in that darkness until the lights turned on

You came along, with a light lamp

took me along with you from the deep slumber 

giving me the new hope

I know you are invisibly around me 

upholding my power to live. 







Knock Knock !! Awake

Knock on my door

awakening from my slumber

walking me through the dreams I ever cherished

As I took my steps further

You stayed back

leaving me astray on the path unknown to me

I walked away into the world that was unfamiliar

I turned back several times just a foot back

awaiting for the touch or a call from the past

I was like the bird flown away from the cage

unable to decide which direction to fly 

yet I flew with the wind, like a fallen leaf

stumbling on many obstacles, yet with determination

I was stamped, crushed, pained 

yet I decided to fly again even with my bruised wings

broken heart, aching self-respect, burned fingers

Yet I walked to the far off distance which I knew contained my destiny

I knew it is never near 

Still, I walk on the same path shown to me.