You swept away my dreams

You created a mirage

which was fake 

I believed every inch of the world you brought me in

As I began living it

you erased everything I treasured

making me realize, it was all desert

it was just the sand that brought in the illusion

the mind played games with my thoughts

it just boggled my vision, blurring it

deviating its trajectory from reality

I lived my mirage building my dreams

yet it just swayed away with the wind

As it never existed leaving me bruised forever.


8 thoughts on “You swept away my dreams

  1. Searching pleasure or joy in a desert has its adverse effects… Mirage is anyway fake or illusion yet we run after it. Sometimes I feel so angry when I do that…’running after mirage’.

    Sreepriya, your expressions made the readers relate to it so well. Thanks a lot for making it so easy to understand.

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