Imaginary Friend


All long she sat talking

Every instant she related to him

It gives me jitters

but yes it was her happiness

that I ever wanted

she ate, slept, and played all day

in his company

she pretended to be enjoying

I know the friend emotionally supported her

they pretended playing, dancing, cooking

Traveling, making their own home

she enjoyed his company

as he did everything to please her.

He was her – Imaginary Friend

Give me the hug I need

The nights filled with love

the days filled with laughter

the joy was profound

the ones I ever wanted

hold my hand , as I do not want to drift away

blind my eyes with your lips

seal my lips with your tongue

dress me up in your arms

All I ever want is to wrapped in you

with every inch of you caressing me 

I want to wake up to the mornings besides you

feeling ecstatic that “You are mine”.




Be hers….

Look into her eyes

You see all the glow in your life

Look into her soul

you see how you healed her 

even though the shadow remains

she smiles all day

you held her close by even if she was not meant for you

You embellished her life 

entrusting her with the portion of your life

embrace her, you see her vulnerable side

the way she falls apart like sprinkled away in your arms

you secure her in your arms

kiss her on her brows 

the kiss that excites the butterflies 

And blooms a crazy smile on her face

squeeze her into your arms 

tickling her soul 

that will take her breath away.