My First ebook launched

Hi, All my fellow Bloggers,

Just for the start published my first ebook publication.

Support me, like you have supported me always.




My unconditional joy

Like a flower, she bloomed

hurting her is like pushing a dagger into my heart

her tears are like the drops that I cannot see running down

it aches deeply

even if she is physically hurt

I may be away but my thoughts wander around her

like am the satellite revolving around her

I wish I had the magic to bring in all happiness for her

she is the sunshine of my life 

without her I am empty

You are like the music I never composed

You are the poem that emerged in my thoughts

Your smile brightens my day

Am indebted to you forever.




Take me along…..even when I know am not the dream you chase

Hold my hand

I am with you

in you forever

I would hold you strong as you held me

I may not know why you are unhappy

just take me along as you take your walk

Cause, I long to be with you until my last breath

let’s hurdle all the ups and downs

I will be with you as your soul keeper

witnessing every phase of your life

sharing the joy of being with you

I may not the answers you look for

I may not be the dreams you chase 

Just let me follow you

I want to tag along in the journey of your life

to paint a life together that is ours .





True joy of life

She was full of life

Her eyes glittered every time she spoke

She was a fresh breath of air

She had passion, in her touch

She had the smile on her face that reached her eyes

She was full of love

Holding her close by was like the satin touch

She was imperfectly perfect

Only a man who could bear with her all her madness

could make her feel alive

She was like the whisper in the ears

She was a chaos and a music for the soul

She wanted to hold his hands and walk away

to a destiny unknown to her

She wanted him to wipe away all the sadness 

the ones she hid away with her smile

All she wanted was the true joy of life.