Shadowy ….

Her noisy voice contained the depth of her loneliness

Her smile contained the scar of her sadness

her warmth contained the fear of the coldest nights

her touch contained the shallowness of her space

her words contained the pain she hid from the world

her love contained the longing for love

she was the epitome of wisdom and courage

she was the hiding the life of her real self

portraying what only the world wanted from her

she painted her scars with the fondest memories

ever she could find

empowering herself to fight for the world

who took her differences like a disease

her smile was contagious

as she could bring life to the dead ones

she was the one …. the one for the one.


In to the silence

she walked into the silence

the silence that was her world

the silence that was her echo

the emptiness that it brought to her

she remained idle until she was discovered

she was the sunshine of his life

she became a memory forever

that faded into its own way

her memory fell like a stardust in his

making him alive with her freshness

the tinge of memory about their first meet

all he remembered was her enchanting face

the smile that brought all his cells alive

the eyes that attracted him

followed him everywhere

even in his dreams.


She was his painting

Her eyes outshined her face

it was the window to her heart

he knew how to love her

he knew how to read her

she was like a painting 

he painted on his canvas

he carved her physique

beautifully like how she was

with every delineation was his nest

where he could rest forever

her love was overflowing from her eyes

to her lips, which was thirsty for his kiss….





You stir my emotions

You come into my life 

as a whisper in my ears

you ignite all emotions

you play with my fears

you engage me

you caress me

you take me in control

you make me lose my control

you stir my emotions

you make who really I am

you are the one who can hold me

even if you fight with me 

hold me tight, to make me breathless

I want to fall asleep in the darkness formed by your arms



Her eyes were drowsy

All she wanted was a place to rest

It was the coolest winter morning

Like all, she wished for a cup of morning tea

served at her comfort, 

but there she was rushing up in the morning hour

breathlessly, in a rush to finish all work

she lost her childhood, adulthood and her old age too…

where she will find her solace

only in service, her life continues

abandoned of all the pleasures 

she lived..lived for the sake of family…

she is …The  “MOM”