Let me set you free

I set you free

I let you go away

I want you to enjoy your freedom

the abundant joy the world has in store for you

I may weep, I may feel like I have lost all

but Maybe that is what I deserve

You have better world for you out there

let me free you from the burdens of my life

Walk away from me

to a far off place, where my shadow never falls

I won’t hunt you back to be the pain that aches in your life.


6 thoughts on “Let me set you free

  1. No one gets better world. We are the maker of our world. I have all the worries but I searched for how to make me happy out of this. Sometimes I smile before the mirror that makes me calm. But it never mean that I ignore others. I always try to make my companions happy.

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  2. I want to take u as my child forever and wipe off all your worries. Why can’t u make strong bond with others. I would like to set u free to enjoy ur world.

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    1. bonds doesn’t make anyone free…it makes them bonded… life has to be free to enjoy every bit of happiness it bestows


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