A lesson I learned

She sat close to the fountain overlooking the reflection of her in the water. It was close to dusk time, the sun setting its own way off to sleep in its cozy bed. Tears dripping from her eyes, she sat there as the world moved fast aside her. As she was lost in her thoughts, she heard a voice from the distant.

Someone calling out her name from the far-off distance…

She turned around to look, but her eyes were clouded with the tears ….so only the voice echoed around her. The voice was a painful cry, she knew it was her mom calling out to her. She could feel the agony in the voice. She closed her eyes, and all she could see was the panicky face of her mother. Even in the worn out clothes, her mom was the prettiest.

Before she looked up, there were those tender hands hovering over her, it was her mother. She sat close to her near the fountain. She noticed that her mother took a deep breath as she was finding her words to speak.

As she raised her head up with those teary eyes, she noticed that her mother gave her a worried look.She wiped her tears and said,

” Mamma, I … I … Lost my watch”, She wept before she could say more.

She looked at her mom in the most compassionate way, trying to figure out whether she was upset or not.

It was like magic at once, it seemed like the whole worrisome on her mom’s face just washed away in the spur of the moment. Her mom hugged her.

Slowly she turned around, dipping her legs in the cold water of the fountain, she extended her arm and held her close to herself.

Her mom said ” I know you are tensed, but you don’t have to worry dear. I know we earned every penny to buy you that precious gift for your birthday. It is not your mistake that you lost it. “

She calmed her down, holding her close to herself. 

As she still wept, her mom said: ” Come let’s go home, it’s getting darker, your little brother is all alone”. They both grabbed her bag and began to walk. 

She was surprised that her mom wasn’t angry with her. They walked as her mom explained her day to her and how much work she got done before it was time for home. She also joyfully shared the dinner she was getting ready for them. 

That night, as she was off to bed, she called out to her mom.

Her mom, wiped her hands as she was doing the dishes and sat beside her on the bed.Cozily tucking her blankets and pillows, she said ” Do not fall in love with things that you possess, as one day it will be lost. Love the ones you are around, do not spoil your happiness with the shadow of the things you lost.  I know dear you are upset, as you blame yourself. Grasp it as a lesson for yourself to improve if you think you can be better. Each one of has to struggle day-by-day for earning, it takes a great deal of effort. Learn to save. But Yes, Money and possession are not the ones you would treasure in life, it is the love you are blessed with. “

She smiled at her, as she kissed her goodnight, returning to her own chores. 


The joy of reading you


The pages are unfamiliar

the joy is profound

smells are inviting

the freshness is gasping my breath

the words coming out of you are like magic

I just cannot take my eyes off you

reading you through  to finish learning you

to keep you in my memory like the freshness you bestowed

let m begin the journey with you

to understand you better, to understand me better

let me read you out, O My book.




Invisibly yours

My eyes on you

as I walk past you

unnoticed by you everytime

untouched by you

but overjoyed with your presence

you sat beside me

nestled in my arms

as I hold you invisibly around

I just want to be invisible to you

but protect you from all evil

I am here – invisible 

witness all your joy and sorrows

watching your ups and downs

praying for your wellbeing

blessing you  with all my heart

I will be with you forever – invisibly yours. 







The night out in the snow


Everywhere its white 

The joy of blanketed in the snow

the leaves holding out the palmful of snow to me

I watched as I walked 

in the fluorescent light 

the night and the snow margining out well like black and white

As I walked on the roads, the ice beneath me turning grey with dirt

reminding me that it is slippery

As I walked around lost in the snow

digging my legs deep into the snow

imprinting my footprints as I walked along

I clasped my fingers which were trembling with cold

as the snow drizzled all over covering my head

as if I was sprinkled with sugar on top

I felt like a creamy cake covered with powdered sugar.




Let me set you free

I set you free

I let you go away

I want you to enjoy your freedom

the abundant joy the world has in store for you

I may weep, I may feel like I have lost all

but Maybe that is what I deserve

You have better world for you out there

let me free you from the burdens of my life

Walk away from me

to a far off place, where my shadow never falls

I won’t hunt you back to be the pain that aches in your life.