Forever – The wait

A moment you are mine

Next moment you just vanish

you become someone else

it is strange that I still fall for you

every moment I  wait

wait for the moment you return to me

to be just mine

I do not know when it will ever be

yet the wait is a desperate one

 wait for the miracle to happen

the miracle that is certain as the sun

the wait that will gift us the life we dreamt.





Dreams about rain

In the middle of the night, before dawn visiting me

I woke up to a dream

A dream which I wished never ended

A dream that brought a smile to me

A dream that awakened my soul

I sat looking out of the window

where the world around me

blanketed with the starry night sky

was in the deep sleep

I sketched the whole picture in me

about the times where the night sky was just clouds

rains pouring down drenching everything around me

the wetness that excites me

the smell of the rain soaking the sand

rain excited me like never before

with you by my side, I could walk miles under it

chattering on the walkway

sheltering under the trees 

rain brings in memories of warmth and love

the memories I can never give away in my dreams.





Gift of warmth

Oh! Lovely mornings

You just wake me up into the realm of beauty

As the sun awakens the world with the touch of its rays

even the coldest one is gifted with the warmth

the warmth of the mornings that lets me cuddle around my blankets

 the time of the day that I struggle to wake up at times

the time that is the best I adore my sleep

the time everything wants to wake up, yet I want to snuggle in

our battles continued ever since I fell in love with sleep

even when we are never enough of each other

waking up to the bright sunshine is always my delight

yet the cozy beds, I am in love with do not let me walk away

the morning battles continue, even as years passed

When I had to walk away

with morning chores to be done,

you never betrayed me

yet the compassion never ended

the struggles between me, sleep and the lovely morning continued…