Lost in the Maze- called Life

There was a time

A time when I knew

when I knew what is a friend

there was a time 

when I knew what joy was

there was a time 

when I knew what it was like to be a friend

there was time 

When I was just a daughter

there was a time 

When I was just a sister

Now am overloaded with roles in life

I just don’t know Where I  buried myself

Wandering and lost in the burdens of life

I am not just myself anymore

carrying around the baggage of burdens in life

I walk in the jungle of life

encountering what comes my way

All I know  is that

you will find me when I am lost. 







  1. Sometimes no time even to breath. But I never compromise finding my own time. I have to leave this earth one day. So why should I struggle too much. I enjoy as it comes to my life. I’m not workaholic or perfectionist. I find happiness in simple things.

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