Lost in the Maze- called Life

There was a time

A time when I knew

when I knew what is a friend

there was a time 

when I knew what joy was

there was a time 

when I knew what it was like to be a friend

there was time 

When I was just a daughter

there was a time 

When I was just a sister

Now am overloaded with roles in life

I just don’t know Where I  buried myself

Wandering and lost in the burdens of life

I am not just myself anymore

carrying around the baggage of burdens in life

I walk in the jungle of life

encountering what comes my way

All I know  is that

you will find me when I am lost. 






Truth about Life

Leaving is never an answer

walking away is never a solution 

be there, witness the life

be there, watch and tag long

we may not be perfect

yet we are special

as we are worth living

it is cowardice to walk away

it is hard to live a life full of compromises

yet it strengthens you

widens your horizons

let you explore the darkness of life

to let you cherish the joy of light

pain is incredible only when the triumph is a complete joy

Enjoy the complete package of life

As life is only once

Everything happens once in life

you cannot erase, you cannot revert 

create moments that are special 

enjoy as those moments becomes the memories

that help us thrive life.