Dreams are my life

Dreams are just dreams

At times hurting me

pain remains the same

only pain becomes real

unbearable and undeniable

I just wish to fly away

 away from the reality for a moment

to be in the moments I cherish the most

to live the life I want to be the most

I want to echo in your ears how much you mean to me 

I want to be the dream that you wish to dream about.


You are the joy I discovered in my life

You are my euphoria

You are the place I want to live forever

With you every word is true

with you every emotion is right

there is no other place that makes me feel wanted

All I want to be is hidden in your arms

where no one snatches me away from you

listening to your heartbeat

with my naps on your shoulder

I just want to blend into you

with you around music runs in my ears

my lips never stop smiling

you are the joy I discovered in my life

Choosing to be yours is the best part of my life

As you fill my life with the ray of sunshine

filling me with all the love and hope

I want to be every emotion that arose you

I want to be the reason for your smile

I want to be the reason you calm down when you are angry

I want to hug you and let you be mine forever

All my sleepless nights have you in my eyes

I wish that you take away every breath away from me

let me be yours in every way.