Yearning souls

Craving heart

for the warmth of the hug

unable to cry and laugh

thoughts battling in me for a while

waiting for the moment for you to arrive

put up the fire within me

thoughts trembled with every footstep

eyes awakening with every whiser of the wind

unable to express the wishes

silently waiting for your arrival

with my eyes overlooking the path once deserted as you left

every leaf predicting your coming

every dream struggling to accomplish my wish

I waited for your call

the voice that could let me escape my lethargy.



Surviving thoughts

I just watched around

doing nothing

just doing nothing

I lay idle all day

even when I had plenty of time

time was slipping away

yet I stayed with wide opened eyes

not knowing what went wrong

nothing was impressing me

was I losing my hopes?

I didn’t know where I was burying myself

a deep dungeon of lost memories

I build myself to hide away from truth

the truth that was twitching me every second

yet I left a window of hope

the  window to the world

who will accept me one day

the world that will pull me out of my four walls

As I knew hope was the anchor of a life

I anchored deep down into a place where none knew me.