Am always with you

All I could recollect

every breath of my life

is the time I had you in my arms

the way you hug me

the pulse of your heartbeat in my ears

the joy of triumphs of  putting you to sleep

the pain of the injections you had to bear

I fell apart when I see you in pain

your joys kept me in high spirits

you were the one that kept me alive

life without you is unimaginable

am blessed to be with you forever.



I see who I am through your eyes

Your diaphaneity and warmth

soothes every pain I endure

a tranquility beckons me like a dew on the leaf

you made my life so wonderful

I just wish

you take me along all the way in your life

do not abandon me 

as I live as I child in me with you

you bring out my dreams and fears

but you let me be vulnerable as I am

as you look at me, I discover who I am in your eyes

through you, I see myself.