The joy hidden in the trauma of sadness

Let us smile

Smile to live happily

Smile for a new beginning

smile for the change

Smile for a sacrifice

Let sadness bring in the joy of living

As the best memories are made of the saddest ones

Smile with teary eyes 

the memories of sadness are healed with the hands of love

love that knows no bound

the hugs that let you unburden your thoughts

the tears that roll down in the warmth of your loved ones

all you need is a hug and you melt in the profound love

Let us choose to begin our day, a day for us to live together

The choice is ours – Choose today or End today. 

Weary thoughts

The moments are swiftly moving away from my hands

I do not know, whether I should hold it or let it go

it is impossible to decide what is the best

I close my eyes, to let it decide on its own

letting everything go away from me

I stood to witness everything, but never uttered a word

was it wise or a choice, I never reweighed

but a hope remained even as I let everything go

the hope that everything will return to me

the hope that lets me survive the battling of my heart

emotions weight upon my soul

burdening me every single second I craved for silence

I know the storms are going tend, but when?

I just have to let go the thoughts, 

let the clouds darken my life

As one day I might breakaway all the barriers

to be what I want to be 

to live as I ever wanted to.


Sail across my words

I wish to write

write as much as I can

words take away my pain

words let me think clear

do not judge me by my words

words are the deepest feelings  I whisper in the world

words are kindling my soul

imbibing me to live a dream 

a dream that is only a dream

sail across my words

as I am not the destiny of it

My words will never leave you shallow

Let me fill your world with the letters of my life

fill your soul with unspoken words

as your soul will take you where you want to go

live in my words 

And let me swim through it. 




You are the Anchor that hold me down

Did it hurt me?

I didn’t realize how much it was hurting me

As you said those words

the words I never expected from you

I wanted to hold you close to me

Yet, my words were silenced

I thought you said it as you cared for me

the silly me wept silently

in spite being hurt, I was afraid to ask

ask you to stay with me

I may not be the old you ever knew

but I am deep in the same person you ever loved

All I need is those invisible hands to hold me 

hold me tightly, as I am stumbling as I walk

I am afraid to ask, yet my eyes wept, which you could not see

But  Yes, All I know that you will stay with me as my strength.

Eyes that follow me



Those eyes following me everywhere

fluttering the eyelids, as they keep looking at me

echoing its sound as I stood in dismay

brushing away the silence from me

the screeching sounds near my door

I shut my ears to escape them

the eyes, seen on my screen

looking at me as I looked at it

It blinked twice as I looked at it

as I kept looking at it

it just spread its wings

flew up into the air to the next floor

leaving me in the mere silence of my home

I sat there gazing it, fly up in the air 

to pair with the other, swinging up in the air

enjoying the flight together,