You strengthen me

you are the sculpture

I worked day and night

you are the fire

that brought warmth in me

you are the reason 

that every day is a promising life for me

as you commenced your life in me

everything around me changed 

I was becoming the more of you than me

you welcomed me, even before you saw me

you lived in me when I was unsure of life

you strengthen my life with your touch

you knocked, when I was alone

ensuring that I knew you belonged to me

As we grow together 

you nurtured me into a mother

as I looked at you, you smiled

ascertaining that you love me 

even when I am vulnerable. 



Sleeping with my heart outside

A day is complete

when I finally have you in my arms

the nightfall that I love the most

when you nestle in my arms

when the dreams embrace you 

the dreams that you let me in

the tiny fingers that hold onto my dress

holding me close to you always

the hands that search me in the middle of the night

poking me in the midst of the night 

to let me know you are with me always

when the warmth I cherish with you miss the space

a tiny little body that cuddles in my space 

enlightening my motherhood journey

you behold my love for eternity

even if you outgrow the space in between my arms

you will be the one I treasure the most

You brought me to this life 

holding me as you walk along your life 

letting me witness the journey of life.

Walking away from Me

Take me along I pleaded

as you walked away

never turning back to me

I watch my soul drift away from me

along with you it walked silently

with an unknown connection that drags it away from me

I stood there watching helplessly

with a wounded heart 

holding the void that you embarked on me

with a ray of hope, that kept me lighted

the spark you left in me 

is enough for me to survive

the life I should pursue

before I burn myself in this hollow

embrace me and invite me to your life

let me live the life I cherished.